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Adjective Delivery Service

Lyrics Edit

I just got a job last week.

And it might make me look like a geek.

But the payment is nothing because duty is my thing.

Working with the Adjective Delivery Service makes me sing!

One customer wants the word rude.

Another wants me to give them cool!

After that is lovable another is despicable.

This is courtesy of the Adjective Delivery Service.

Now, adjectives can describe all kinds of people, places and things.

Modifying nouns along the way.

Some days are hot and others are cold.

Plus, some people are young and others are old.

This depends on what adjectives say.

Some adjectives are also good with comparison.

They say how big, how rainy or how cold.

Some days are rainier than others.

The blizzard of 2011 is probably the coldest of all.

(Speaking): Rainier is an example of a comparative adjective while coldest is a superlative one.

(Singing): When I was on my way to work, I saw an ambulance and burst!

It was a quick one and with urgent events.

Now, I have some adjectives to say myself.

(Speaking): Oh my! Those paramedics are lucky to receive that important call!

In addition, some adjectives can be made out of other parts of speech like verbs and nouns. All you need to do is attach a suffix like -ish, -ic, -ary or -ful. For example, this girl can play a lot with a playful personality. Play is a verb. Though, the suffix -ful transforms it into an adjective. Playful describes the girl's personality. Understood?

(Singing): When you order an adjective, they will be delivered real quick.

This will give you an idea of what you can do and your descriptions of all kinds of nouns.

(Speaking): This is the Adjective Delivery Service. Hope to do business with you again.

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