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Songs Edit

Song Writer Historical or Political Topic Tribute Song
Bye, Bye Monarchy Louis Benson European Colonization No More Kings
Independence Day Mindy Carlson Declaration of Independence Fireworks
The Independence Fight Cecily Gregory American Revolution Shot Heard Round the World
Constitutional Adventures Monica Bell American Constitution The Preamble
Manifest Excellency Donogann Nelson Westward Expansion Elbow Room
No More Slavery Jacques West African Slavery Original
The Great American Immigration Movement Charlotte Echolson American Immigration The Great American Melting Pot
Inventors Galore Sophia Edwardson American Inventors Mother Necessity
The March of the Female Voters Darienee Richardson 19th Constitutional Amendment Suffering Until Suffrage
The Economic Drought Lionel Johnson Great Depression Original
The Struggle of Decrees Mandy Bolena Law Making I'm Just a Bill
The Governmental Symphony Connolly O'Hara Three Branches of Government Three Ring Government

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