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Books at the Adverb Library

Lyrics Edit

I have gone to the adverb library many times.

And I have a lot of books that will be fine.

Adverbs are a wonderful thing to be read.

You'll need them to expand your language in any way you can.

I have lots of books at the adverb library.

They are my favorite books to read.

When you read them all your conscience will be perfectly clean.

Adverbs are words that modify verbs and sometimes adjectives and other adverbs.

And so you realize that's automatically a cool thing to be seen.

The adverb library is a very cool place.

There are lots of books I can use to win this race.

Tons of adverbs in here to get off my case.

So come on down.

(Speaking): Alright, suppose you have homework. How are you going to finish it? This is where you put in an adverb. There are also intensifiers to make it so you can finish it very carefully or rather hastily! Also, suppose you're going grocery shopping. Your family wants to know where you'll be going and when you'll be home. Tell them with an adverb.

(Singing): Read those adverbs.

You can add them on with an adjective of any kind.

Comparative or superlative at any time.

Adverbs have always been loyal friends of mine.

They're very trustworthy all you must do is make your choice.

Verbs are also decent ways to do adverbs.

Use them to modify actions and feel the burn.

When you use them, there are all kinds of results and so much more!

The questions how, where or when can be answered correctly with the correct adverb usage. This is true with all of these.

(Speaking): When you deliver your books to the adverb library, some of them might be adjectives such as hot, cold or warm. We can stamp an -ly on them to form them into adverbs. Adverbs are emphasized on manner, place time, condition, reason, comparison and contrast. Come to our library and fill your language with adverbs.

(Singing): And we say goodbye conclusively.

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