European Colonization

Bye, Bye Monarchy


In 1620

They sailed the open sea

The pilgrims searched real hard

For a land where they could be free

In their ship the Mayflower

They searched all day and night

But down at Plymouth Rock

The Virginia Land was in sight

Although they moved from England

They did have mixed feelings

Because they had left home

They had to adapt to new things

They planted corn all over

Built houses one by one

The pilgrims worked real hard

Til 13 colonies were done

In the 1700s

The colonies were free

Or so they thought until

King George III came to the scene

He taxed all their belongings

And gave them zero choice

Plus back in those bad days

He also gave them zero voice

(Speaking): This act is called taxation without representation, which is unfair.  Though in spite of what the colonies did, the king just didn't care.

(Singing): George also was so crazy

To tax everyone's tea

To put it very mildly

Many strongly disagreed

So in Boston Massachusetts

They went and dumped the tea

Into the Boston Harbor

Called the Boston Tea Party

They were getting very tired

Of following the king

They spurred a revolution

And tried to send him packing

Although things were difficult

They fought to victory

Hello to Presidency

And now bye, bye monarchy

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