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Mandy held captive by Chong-Lee with Donogann fighting to save her.

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A young karate warior from

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At a temple in Tokyo Shangri-La one night, a young warrior named Chong-Lee is demonstrating his karate ability and decides to become the Japanese Dragon Warrior of the Year for his outstanding well-trained skills.  However, the monks remind him that Donogann Nelson got that title a few months ago.  Upset about this, Chong-Lee asks for advice on how to replace the young American 6th Grader.  A monk who advises him suggests a karate style battle which gives Chong-Lee an idea!

Meanwhile, at Jefferson Middle School in Baltimore, Donogann is rehearsing for an upcoming concert that night during band class.  After school that afternoon, the twelve kids are doing their homework prior to a third of them performing at a band concert!  On the way to Donogann's house, he, Sophia and Charlotte are ambushed by ninjas!  After the girls save Donogann, they immediately call their friends for backup in case the ninjas make a comeback.  And, they tell his mom what the commotion was about too.

Back at Chong-Lee's temple, the warrior himself is both miffed and surprised that his new rival managed to escape and decides to change tactics.  When he looks at a love poem, he sees a picture of Donogann with Mandy and realizes she must be the key to getting her friend to fight him.  Immediately after reading the poem, the physically active villain decides to use this crush to his advantage and is about to tell his henchmen his next plan.

Back in Baltimore that night, the gang is planning ahead in case the ninjas strike back at the concert.  Charlotte tells Mandy the plan, just as it is nearly time for a last minute band rehearsal.  As soon as rehearsal begins, the first phase of the plan is put into action.  When the concert is about to begin, the ones who weren't performing confirmed to those who were that there was no danger for the time being.  

Unfortunately, in the middle of the concert, the ninjas return telling the gang that phase 2 needed to be put to work immediately!  Good news is, most of the people attending the concert, performers and audience alike, were able to escape thanks to phase two.  The bad news was that the capturing the ninjas part failed.  To make matters worse, as Darienee and Charlotte rounded up their friends, they both realized from a videodisc and people muttering about a missing person that the ninjas took Mandy before they escaped!

Back at Echolson Mansion, Charlotte puts the videodisc she found at the crime scene which shows Chong-Lee telling Donogann that he has Mandy and is willing to release her only if they two boys fight for her karate style at his temple at Tokyo Shangri-La.  This really puts Donogann in a tight spot and his friends prepare to help him save Mandy.  Even Mr. Echolson helps by providing transport via his private jet.

Back at Chong-Lee's temple, the ninjas arrive back at their boss's headquarters with Mandy held hostage. When Chong-Lee sees Mandy, he tells her his plan and locks her in an unused bedroom.

Character RolesEdit

Main Edit

Donogann NelsonEdit

Donogann is the main male protagonist of this particular story. Chong-Lee is jealous that he's the Japanese Dragon Warrior and wants to replace him. So during a concert at the middle school, some of Chong-Lee 's ninja henchmen kidnap Mandy so Chong-Lee can trap the young karate novice. When Donogann finds out about this, he does all he can to save her.  He even refuses to turn back from the challenge despite the fact that it is an obvious trap based on Chong-Lee's video-recorded demands.

Mandy BolenaEdit

Mandy is the main female protagonist of this story. During a concert at her school, Mandy is abducted by Chong-Lee 's ninjas and taken to his temple in Tokyo Shangri-La. When Chong-Lee and Donogann were about to fight however, Mandy broke free of her bedroom prison and joined her friends in encouraging Donogann to the extent of calling him her boyfriend!

Charlotte EcholsonEdit

Charlotte is the secondary protagonist of the story.   She proves to be a real leader when Chong-Lee captures Mandy, helping Donogann train for his battle against his loved one's kidnapper . She was even the reason her friends had a clue as to who was behind the whole thing!  Charlotte also hired Master Shang to teach Donogann more karate than she could herself so that he would be ready when the time came to fight Chong-Lee.   


Chong-Lee is the main antagonist in Challenge of the Underhanded Karate Master.  His personality is proud, arrogant and overconfident of his abilities.  He wants to be the Japanese Dragon Warrior, making him a strong rival to Donogann Nelson, who rightfully has that title.  In determination to steal Donogann's title, Chong-Lee kidnaps Mandy Bolena and holds her as bait to draw the eleven-to-twelve-year-old into battle by force!  He also is a skilled martial artist who took lessons as a little boy.  After Donogann defeated him in battle, Chong-Lee was arrested by the Tokyo Police for his crimes against his American enemies, leaving them free to take Mandy home safely.


Darienee RichardsonEdit

Darienee was in a Jefferson Middle School band class concert during the beginning of the story.  When she heard that ninjas almost got away with Donogann, she helped Sophia and Charlotte concoct a plan to protect him.  When the ninjas came back again, Darienee gave Charlotte a musical warning signal.  When they were gone, she was the first to realize, based on Charlotte's mentioning Mandy's abrupt absence from the school, that the ninjas had kidnapped the young Bolena girl!

Sophia EdwardsonEdit

Cecily GregoryEdit

Luke EcholsonEdit

Master ShangEdit

Mr. TakatoEdit


Lionel JohnsonEdit

Louis BensonEdit

Monica BellEdit

Mindy CarlsonEdit

Connolly O'HaraEdit

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Donogann NelsonEdit

Mandy BolenaEdit

Charlotte EcholsonEdit


"Greetings, Japanese Dragon Warrior, if you're watching this, it means my ninjas have captured your girlfriend, Mandy Bolena.  Plus, if you ever want to see her again, you must come to my temple at Tokyo Shangri-La and fight me for her, karate style!"  Chong-Lee is demanding that Donogann duels him for Mandy's freedom.


Chong-Lee: "Just as I planned, the Japanese Dragon Warrior and his friends have come to rescue you from me."

Mandy Bolena: "I'm certain they will eventually succeed too!  Once they find me, Donogann is going make you really sorry you took me from him!"

Chong-Lee: "Ha, don't be so sure girl, my information tells me that your friend has been training with another friend of yours for 3 years!  As for me, I've been training since I was able to walk without falling down in the attempt as a baby!  So, I have much more experience than your little friend."

Mandy Bolena: "Yeah, and he cares more about me than you do about anyone but yourself!  He gave me that love poem you 'borrowed' from me because he loves me, and for no other reason.  Besides, it takes more than years of experience to win at anything, although I do admit it helps."

Chong-Lee: "You may be right, but your faith in the boy alone might not save you!"

Mandy Bolena: "Before you lock that door on me, I would like to say that Donogann will not be working alone, so don't get cocky!"

Chong-Lee and Mandy arguing as they realize that Mandy's friends are at Tokyo Shangri-La for her.


  • This is loosely based on a Jimmy Neutron episode, Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen with a similar plot
  • Donogann proves to have earned the heart of Mandy in this story
  • The musical warning signal Darienee  plays is the score in the movie Jaws
  • Later on, it is revealed that the student who alerted Principal Rogers about another student having been taken by the ninjas was Teddy Turner

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