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American Constitution

Constitutional Adventures

Lyrics Edit

(Speaking): Have you ever been curious about the foundation of the USA?

(Singing): These constitutional adventures will explain away

In the year of 1787

Our founding fathers worked hard day and night

Writing a list of rules known as the Bill of Rights

Our United States was starting out brand new

Despite what Alexander Hamilton said

We now choose what to do

(Speaking): When the Bill of Rights was introduced, it was included in an important document called the constitution. First is the preamble and then, the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments that followed.

(Singing): When the Preamble and Bill of Rights came into play

Many people gradually got to see happier days

They could voice and vote

This is the first amendment 

Our founding fathers wrote

In the year of 1787

Our founding fathers congregated

This is where the Bill of Rights has originated p

Our United States was on the verge of birth

And five years later

The democracy worked its worth

Since the Bill of Rights

People got fairer fights

Though women had a long way to go

But as the years had passed

You would never need to ask

How victory and satisfaction showed

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