Darienee Richardson 1

Darienee with Auburn Hair.



Present Sender
Dragon Tales DVDs Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
The Cat in the Hat Jacqueline Richardson
A Firefighter's Helmet Devin Richardson
The Lion King 1994 Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
Butterfly Garden Kit Sandy Richardson
Plastic Magnet Set George Richardson
ZooBooks Sophia Edwardson
King Bidgood's in the Bathtub Cecily Gregory

Sixth BirthdayEdit

Present Sender
A Model of the Solar System Sophia Edwardson
The Arthur Picture Book Series Cecily Gregory
A Journal Lionel Johnson
Tour Guide Barbie Mandy Bolena
The Toy Story Trilogy Cassidy Richardson and Phillip Richardson
Aladdin 1992 Jacqueline Richardson
Cinderella 1950 Devin Richardson
Snow White and the 7 Drawfs 1937 & Sleeping Beauty 1959 Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
Beauty and the Beast 1991 Sandy Richardson
The Little Mermaid 1989 George Richardson

First GradeEdit


Present Sender
Pocahontas 1995 Sophia Edwardson
Amelia Bedelia Cecily Gregory
The Princess and the Frog 2009 Lionel Johnson
A Trombone Servicing Kit Mandy Bolena
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996 Louis Benson
Mulan 1998 Monica Bell
Tarzan 1999 Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
Tangled 2010 Jacqueline Richardson
A Teddy Bear Devin Richardson
A CD Player Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
Disney's Greatest Hits CD Sandy Richardson
A Dog Care Kit George Richardson

Seventh BirthdayEdit

Present Sender
Eyewitness Books Magnets Sophia Edwardson
Junie B. Jones Books Cecily Gregory
Eyewitness Books Animals Lionel Johnson
Eyewitness Books Solar System Mandy Bolena
A Princess Jasmine Doll Louis Benson
A Bug's Life 1998 Monica Bell
A New Dress Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
A Play Tea Set Jacqueline Richardson
Anti-Gravity Bouncing Shoes Devin Richardson
$25.00 Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
Running Shoes Sandy Richardson
A Telescope George Richardson

Second GradeEdit


Present Sender
Powepuff Girls Dolls Sophia Edwardson
Bink and Gollie Cecily Gregory
Powepuff Girls Complete DVD Series Lionel Johnson
Monster's Inc. 2001 Mandy Bolena
Princess Diaries 3-Disc 2-Movie Blu-Ray Combo Pack Louis Benson
Powerpuff Girls Comic Books Monica Bell
Cars 2006 and Cars 2 2011 Donogann Nelson
A Children's Bible Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
A Science for Kids Book Jacqueline Richardson
Powerpuff Girls Pajamas Devin Richardson
New Dress Shoes Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
$50.00 Sandy Richardson
$50.00 George Richardson

Eighth BirthdayEdit

Present Sender
A Simple Chemistry Set Sophia Edwardson
Magic Tree House Cecily Gregory
A Children's Painting Set Lionel Johnson
East Baltimore High Band Concert CD Mandy Bolena
Eyewitness Books Human Body Louis Benson
Schoolhouse Rock Complete DVD Collection Monica Bell
Eyewitness Books Plants Donogann Nelson
Powepuff Girls Heroes and Villains CD Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
A $50 Gift Card for Dressbarn Jacqueline Richardson
A $25 Gift Card for Bestbuy Devin Richardson
The Great Mouse Detective 1986 Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
Ramona Book Series Sandy Richardson
Oliver and Company 1988

George Richardson

Third GradeEdit


Present Sender
Inspector Gadget DVD Series Sophia Edwardson
Stuart Little & Charlotte's Web  Cecily Gregory
Arthur Chapter Books Lionel Johnson
Cayola 64 Crayon Set Mandy Bolena
The Jungle Book 1967 Louis Benson
The Rescuers Double Movie Pack Monica Bell
American Girl Historical Books Donogann Nelson
A Christmas Beauty and the Beast Belle Doll Charlotte Echolson
A Dog Toy Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
A Nintendo DS Jacqueline Richardson
A Mojo Jojo Doll Devin Richardson
A Campout Set Matthew Richardson
Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
A Compass Sandy Richardson
A Child's Road Atlas George Richardson

Ninth BirthdayEdit

Present Sender
A Photo Album Sophia Edwardson
The Tale of Despereaux & The Magician's Elephant Cecily Gregory
A Molly McIntire Doll Lionel Johnson
Powerpuff Girls Bedsheets Mandy Bolena
A Hamm Piggy Bank Toy Louis Benson
Battleship Board Game Monica Bell
Scrabbe Board Game Donogann Nelson
Chess Set Charlotte Echolson
A Powerpuff Girls Lunchbox Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
A $75 Giftcard for the Disney Store Jacqueline Richardson
A Checkers Game  Devin Richardson
A Lego Sculpture of the Richardson Family Matthew Richardson
A Picture of Phillip and Cassidy's Wedding Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
A Trombone Beginner's Music Guide  Sandy Richardson
A Children's Music Stand George Richardson

Fourth GradeEdit


Present Sender
Thames and Kosmos 1000 Chemistry Set Sophia Edwardson
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & James and the Giant Peach Cecily Gregory
The Fox and the Hound 1981 Lionel Johnson
A Strathmore Kids' Drawing Pad Mandy Bolena
A Set of 24 Crayola Colored Pencils Louis Benson
The Sword in the Stone 1963 Monica Bell
A Bonsai Tree Donogann Nelson
A Toy Merry-Go-Round Charlotte Echolson
A Photo of the Gang Mindy Carlson
A Photo Album Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
A Flower Pot Jacqueline Richardson
Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Devin Richardson
Pokemon Black, White, Black 2 & White 2 Matthew Richardson
A $100 Check Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
A $50 Hobby Lobby Gift Card Sandy Richardson
A Free Pass to the Baltimore Science Museum George Richardson

Tenth BirthdayEdit

Present Sender
A Metal Magnet and Iron Filings Sophia Edwardson
The 7-Book Harry Potter Series Cecily Gregory
The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot Lionel Johnson
The 5-Book Percy Jackson Series Mandy Bolena
The 4-Book Eragon Inheritance Cycle Series Louis Benson
A Polymer Clay Set Monica Bell
A $25 Toy Planet Gift Card Donogann Nelson
The 10-Book Ranger's Apprentice Series Charlotte Echolson
The Star Wars Original Trilogy Mindy Carlson
Hairspray 2007 Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
The 7-Book Chronicles of Narnia Series Jacqueline Richardson
A $100 Hobby Lobby Gift Card Devin Richardson
Sonic Heroes & Shadow the Hedgehog Matthew Richardson
A $200 Check Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
The Princess Diaries Novel Sequels Sandy Richardson
A Rocks and Minerals Field Guide George Richardson

Fifth GradeEdit


Present Sender
Thames and Kosmos Physics Workshop Sophia Edwardson
Call of the Wild Cecily Gregory
The First Three Harry Potter Movies Lionel Johnson
Liquitex Basics 48-color Acrylic Paint Set Mandy Bolena
Because of Winn-Dixie Louis Benson
A Snow Globe Monica Bell
Acrylic Paint Brushes and Paper Donogann Nelson
A Camera Charlotte Echolson
The Great Tree of Avalon Trilogy Mindy Carlson
A Drawing Pad and Prang Colored Pencils Connolly O'Hara
A $175 Check Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
A $150 Olive Garden Gift Card Jacqueline Richardson
The Complete Avatar: The Last Airbender Series Devin Richardson
Sonic Gems Collection & Sonic Mega Collection Matthew Richardson
A Porcelain Irish Doll Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
A $75 Hobby Lobby Gift Card Sandy Richardson
A $25 Gift Card for Bestbuy George Richardson

Eleventh BirthdayEdit

Present Sender
Thames & Kosmos 2000 Chemistry Set Sophia Edwardson
Holes Cecily Gregory
A Van Gogh Watercolor Starter Set and Watercolor Paper Lionel Johnson
A Middle School Level Music Sheet Book Mandy Bolena
A GX 2000 Bike Louis Benson
A New Genuine Trombone Monica Bell
A Plant Field Guide Donogann Nelson
An Animal Field Guide Charlotte Echolson
The Big Book of the History of Music Mindy Carlson
A Guide to Caring for Dogs Connolly O'Hara
A Spanish Porcelain Doll Jacques West
Porcelain Doll Care Guide and Kit Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
A New Music Stand Jacqueline Richardson
A Middle School Survival Guide Devin Richardson
A Real Military Canteen Matthew Richardson
A Plastic Flower Printed Piggy Bank Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
A Graduation Dress Sandy Richardson
Thames & Kosmos Electricity and Magnetism Set George Richardson

Elementary School GraduationEdit

Present Sender
Thames & Kosmos Physics Pro Sophia Edwardson
The Giver Quartet Series Cecily Gregory
A Middle School Reader Lionel Johnson
Soft Pastels Mandy Bolena
A $50 Gift Card for Bestbuy Louis Benson
A Porcelain Piggy Bank Monica Bell
A $60 Gift Card for Hobby Lobby Donogann Nelson
A Trombone Servicing Kit Charlotte Echolson
A Flower Decorated Basket Mindy Carlson
Charcoal Pencils Connolly O'Hara
Graphite & Conte' Crayon Sketching Pencils Jacques West
A $250 Check Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
Strathmore Gray Scale Drawing Paper Jacqueline Richardson
Canson Watercolor Paper Devin Richardson
A Paint Brush Set Matthew Richardson
A $300 Check Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
A $75 Jo-Ann Fabrics Gift Card Sandy Richardson
A Maryland Science Center Membership George Richardson

Sixth GradeEdit


Present Sender
Thames & Kosmos 3000 Chemistry Set Sophia Edwardson
Marley & Me Cecily Gregory
A Book on the Human Body Lionel Johnson
Watercolor Techniques for Beginners Mandy Bolena
The Golden Compass Louis Benson
An Earth Science Book Monica Bell
The Complete Fablehaven Series Donogann Nelson
Acrylic Painter's Beginner's Guide Charlotte Echolson
The Big Book of 3-D and 2-D Art Mindy Carlson
The Last Five Harry Potter DVDs Connolly O'Hara
The Fifteen Guardians of Ga'Hoole Book Series Jacques West
A $175 Gift Card for Hobby Lobby Phillip Richardson  and Cassidy Richardson
The Complete Anne of Green Gables Series Jacqueline Richardson
A World Atlas Devin Richardson
A $60 Michael's Craft Store Gift Card Matthew Richardson
The Chronicles of Narnia 7-Book Series Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
The Sisters Grimm Complete Book Series Sandy Richardson
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

George Richardson

Twelfth BirthdayEdit

Present Sender
A New Wallet Sophia Edwardson
The Shadow Children 7-Book Series Cecily Gregory
The Lord of the Rings Book Trilogy Lionel Johnson
A Watercolor Painting of the Gang Mandy Bolena
Roller Blades and Knee and Elbow Pads Louis Benson
Divergent & Insurgent Monica Bell
A Book on Rocks and Minerals Donogann Nelson
Two Field Guides on Plants and Animals each Charlotte Echolson
A Field Guide on Bugs Mindy Carlson
A Field Guide on Marine Animals Connolly O'Hara
A Field Guide on Fungi Jacques West
$100 Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
A Skateboard Jacqueline Richardson
A New Bike Combination Lock Devin Richardson
A Baseball Bat Matthew Richardson
A Pot of Geraniums Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
A Model of the Statue of Liberty Sandy Richardson
The Big Book of Watercolors, Acrylics and Oils George Richardson

Seventh GradeEdit


Present Sender
Extra Thames & Kosmos Chemicals and Supplies Sophia Edwardson
The Westing Game Cecily Gregory
A Variety of Age Appropriate Romance Novels Lionel Johnson
The Reliable Watercolor, Acryilic and Oil Painting Teacher Mandy Bolena
A $500 Check Louis Benson
The Red Badge of Courage Monica Bell
A Year-long subscription of Harry Potter Magazine Donogann Nelson
A New Journal Charlotte Echolson
A Music Box Mindy Carlson
A Variety of Age Appropriate Historical Fiction Novels Connolly O'Hara
Life in Ecuador and other Spanish Countries Jacques West
The Red Pyramid Teddy Turner
The Heroes of Olympus Books Susan Geilston
$100  Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
A $50 Half Price Books Gift Card Jacqueline Richardson
A $35 Amazon Gift Card Devin Richardson
A $50 Hobby Lobby Gift Card Matthew Richardson
A $350 Check Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
A Variety of Age Appropriate Science Fiction Novels Sandy Richardson
A Year-long Membership at the Baltimore Zoo George Richardson

Thirteenth BirthdayEdit

Present Sender
Metal Bar Magnets and Iron Filings Sophia Edwardson
A Dog Grooming Kit complete with an Instruction Manual Cecily Gregory
A Magnetism and Electricity Set Lionel Johnson
A Book on Painting Techniques Mandy Bolena
A Record Player Louis Benson
Get Smart 2008 Monica Bell
A New Camping Lantern Donogann Nelson
GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2009 Charlotte Echolson
The Tales of Beedle the Bard Mindy Carlson
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Connolly O'Hara
No Promises in the Wind Jacques West
National Treasure Teddy Turner
The 2 National Treasure Movies Susan Geilston
A $250 Check Phillip Richardson  and Cassidy Richardson
A $60 Gift Card for Hobby Lobby Jacqueline Richardson
A $35 Gift Card for Bestbuy Devin Richardson
A $25 Gift Card for Target Matthew Richardson
A Handknitted Sweater Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
A Year-long Pass to Walt Disney World Resort Sandy Richardson
A $120 Gift Card for Dick Blick George Richardson

Eighth GradeEdit


Present Sender
A Nintendo 3DS Sophia Edwardson
The Pokemon X and Y Strategy Guide Cecily Gregory
Pokemon X and Y Lionel Johnson
Pokemon Z Mandy Bolena
The Pokemon X and Y Pokedex Strategy Guide Louis Benson

A Year-long Pass to the Statue of Liberty

Monica Bell
The Life and Times of Ancient to Modern Karate Artists and Techniques Donogann Nelson
The Karate Kid Charlotte Echolson
The Santa Clause Trilogy Mindy Carlson
How to Train Your Dragon 2010 Connolly O'Hara
The Big Book of African American History Jacques West
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Teddy Turner
How to Train Your Dragon 2 2014 Susan Geilston
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1 and 2 2010 and 2013 Roger Burns
A $400 Check Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
A $75 Gift Card for Olive Garden Jacqueline Richardson
An $80 Gift Card for Target Devin Richardson
A $150 Gift Card for Dick Blick Matthew Richardson
A Wii U Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric for Wii U Sandy Richardson
A Solar Power Science Kit George Richardson

Fourteenth BirthdayEdit

Present Sender
Joseph and the King of Dreams 2000 Sophia Edwardson
A $100 Barnes and Noble Gift Card Cecily Gregory
A Ruby Necklace and Earrings Lionel Johnson
A $75 Harry Potter Store Gift Card Mandy Bolena
Chicken Run 2000 Louis Benson
Gone with the Wind Monica Bell
A Tanzanite Necklace and Earrings Donogann Nelson
Sinbad Legend of the 7 Seas 2003 Charlotte Echolson
The Complete Danny Phantom Series Mindy Carlson
A Topaz Necklace and Earrings Connolly O'Hara
A $125 Bestbuy Gift Card Jacques West
A Pearl Necklace Teddy Turner
Genuine Glass Slippers Susan Geilston
A Pair of Yellow Shiny Shoes Roger Burns
A Hand-sewn Formal High School Dance Dress and Earrings Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
Pokemon Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS Jacqueline Richardson
Big Hero 6 2014 Devin Richardson
Super Smash Bros Wii U Matthew Richardson
A $50 Olive Garden Gift Card Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
A Flower Necklace Sandy Richardson
A Laptop George Richardson

Middle School GraduationEdit

Present Sender
A Genuine British Royal Air Force Insignia Sophia Edwardson
A Graduation Piggy Bank Cecily Gregory
An Opal Necklace Lionel Johnson
A Farewell to Arms Mandy Bolena
A Harry Potter Store Membership Card Louis Benson
The Toy that Saved Christmas Monica Bell
An Amazonite Jewelry Kit Donogann Nelson
A Notre Dame Statue Charlotte Echolson
An Ice Cream Maker Mindy Carlson
Crucial Tips to Surviving High School Connolly O'Hara
A Printmaking Guide Jacques West
A Buzz-Saw Louie Statue Teddy Turner
A $25 Gift Card for Barnes and Noble Susan Geilston
A $80 Gift Card for Noodles "Pho" U Roger Burns
A $375 Check Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
A Money Safe Jacqueline Richardson
A Sailboat Model Devin Richardson
A Great Wall of China Themed Snow Globe Matthew Richardson
A $150 Check Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
A 2-Year Membership to the Baltimore Aquarium Sandy Richardson
An Electromagnet Kit George Richardson

Freshman YearEdit




A Recipe Book Sophia Edwardson
A Christmas Novel Anthology Cecily Gregory
A Silver Bell Necklace Lionel Johnson
A Porcelain Flower Pot Mandy Bolena
A Rainbow Jewelry Box Louis Benson
A Purse Monica Bell
Two Turtledove Earrings Donogann Nelson
Bless Me Ultima Charlotte Echolson
Christmas Colored Nail Polish Mindy Carlson
A $65 Hallmark Gift Card Connolly O'Hara
Guide to Defense and Improvement of African American Lives Jacques West
The House on Mango Street Teddy Turner
A Bouqet of Poinsettias Susan Geilston
An $85 Sega Online Gift Card Roger Burns
A Chinese History Anthology Kyle Rover
$120.00 Phillip Richardson and Cassidy Richardson
A Christmas Dress Jacqueline Richardson
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Devin Richardson
Full Pokemon Series on Blu-ray Matthew Richardson
A Glass Flower Necklace Grandma and Grandpa Richardson
A Genuine Shell Tiara Sandy Richardson
Bill Nye the Science Guy Blu-ray Set George Richardson

Fifteenth BirthdayEdit

Present Sender
A $75 Best Buy Gift Card Sophia Edwardson
A $50 Barnes and Noble Gift Card Cecily Gregory
Romeo and Juliet Lionel Johnson
Little Women Mandy Bolena
A Topaz Necklace Louis Benson
A Violet Bouquet Monica Bell
The Underdog TV Series on Blu-Ray Donogann Nelson
A Queen Elizabeth II Glass Doll Charlotte Echolson
A Gardening Kit Mindy Carlson
A Chinese Dragon Snow Globe Connolly O'Hara
Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Jacques West
A Rainbow Dispersion Prism Teddy Turner
Carrot Seeds Susan Geilston
An Amethyst Necklace Roger Burns

Sophomore YearEdit


Sixteenth BirthdayEdit

Junior YearEdit


Seventeenth BirthdayEdit

Senior YearEdit


Eighteenth BirthdayEdit

High School GraduationEdit

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