High School

East Baltimore High School is the final step to juvenile education for Darienee and her friends.

Graduation RequirementsEdit

4 Years of English

3.5 Years of PE

3 Years of Math

3 Years of Science

2.5 Years of Social Studies

.5 Years of Health

.5 Years of Driver's Education

.5 Years of Consumer Economics

1 Year of Electives, Art, Foreign Language, Music or Career/Technical Education

Subtotal of Requirements 18.5

Other Electives 5.5

Total Graduation Requirements 24


2-D Art CoursesEdit

Introduction to 2-D ArtEdit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12

This course would be the preferred starting point for freshmen who are interested in 2-D art and want to learn some before they leave high school. Topics of media include drawing, painting and printmaking. A lab fee is required to participate in the class as well.

Drawing I Edit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12 Prerequisite: Intro to 2-D Art

This course is particularly useful for students who are interested in professional drawing. Skills introduced include Perception of Edges, Spaces, Relationships, Light & Shadow and Whole of Gestalt. A lab fee will be required of course.

Drawing IIEdit

Semester-long Gr. 10-12 Prerequisite: Introduction to 2-D Art and Drawing I

This art class continues to deal with what is learned in Drawing I. It also introduces intermediate drawing skills like two-point perspective drawing, composition, focal point creation and more. Lab fees are essential for any student who agrees to participate in this class as well.

Drawing IIIEdit

Semester-long Gr. 10-12 Prerequisite: Drawing I & II

This class helps students build on what they have learned in the previous 2 drawing courses and teaches advanced drawing topics like detail adding, cast shadows and three-point-perspective drawing. A lab fee is still mandatory to learn in the class though.

Painting IEdit

Year-long Gr. 10-12 Prerequisite: Drawing I and an Additional Art Course

This year-long art class takes students through the basics of watercolor, acrylic and oil painting techniques. Creation and media study techniques are taught for wet media work and a lab fee is surely bound to be charged.

Painting IIEdit

Year-long Gr. 11-12 Prerequisite: Painting I

This more advanced painting class helps students expand their painting knowledge and takes them through more challenging painting techniques. Such topics are color theory, achieving distance, background and foreground choices and high-key and low-key color choices. The class also mandates a lab fee.

Painting IIIEdit

Year-long Gr. 12 Prerequisite: Painting II

This highly advanced painting course takes students through what is close to professional painting skills. Such skills are glazing, impasto, knife painting and texturing. A lab fee will be required as well.


Semester-long Gr. 10-12 Prerequisite: One Art Semester

This class undergoes creating art masterpieces called prints in an integration of painting and drawing techniques. Such techniques are relief printing, etching and silkscreen. Another way to apply this is to do greeting card projects and prints on T-Shirts. A lab fee will be required for this course as well.

Computer Graphics IEdit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12

This course teaches students how to do original artwork on the computer through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These topics include scanning, photo editing, typography, image creation, printing and color correction. A lab fee is going to be stressed as well.

Computer Graphics IIEdit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12 Prerequisite: Computer Graphics I

This class expands on the programs and techniques taught in Computer Graphics I. An additional topic will be vector-based drawing. Lab fees are mandatory for students choosing to study in this class.

Digital PhotographyEdit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12

This class introduces students to the world of digital camera works through creating, editing, printing and critiquing photos with digital cameras. Topics include photo criticism, composition and design, technical camera operation, visual culture, workflow, photo management, Photoshop, originality, creativity, art galleries, careers in photography, lighting and photography history. Cameras may be rented through the school or bought by the student before class and a project fee will be needed.

3-D Art CoursesEdit

Introduction to 3-D ArtEdit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12

This class is a recommended starting point for freshmen who want to learn to work to make a variety of projects with their hands. Materials for such projects include wood, wire, plaster, metal and clay. A lab fee will be required in order to take part in the class's projects.

Ceramics and Sculpture IEdit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12 Prerequisite: Introduction to 3-D Art

This class takes students through the manipulation of clay that is used to create a variety of projects. Topics include firing processes, equipment, basic glazing and hand building techniques and fundamental statue building with clay, plaster and wire. Lab fees are going to be charged too.

Ceramics and Sculpture IIEdit

Semester-long Gr. 10-12 Prerequisite: Introduction to 3-D Art and Ceramics and Sculpture I

The duration of this art class is spent taking students through more advanced statue creation, hand building and glazing techniques along with basic wheel throwing ones. A lab fee will not be optional either.

Ceramics and Sculpture IIIEdit

Semester-long Gr. 10-12 Prerequisite: Ceramics and Sculpture I and II

This highly advanced course takes students through advanced statue making, hand building, glazing and wheel throwing techniques. A lab fee is indispensable as well.


Semester-long Gr. 10-12 Prerequisite: One Art Semester

This course takes students through the basics of jewelry making through the use of glass, wood, stone and metals. Vocabulary terms and tools are used to make pieces of basic jewelry as well. Plus, students who take this class must pay a lab fee.

History CoursesEdit

Art HistoryEdit

Year-long Gr. 9-12

This art history class deals with artistic styles, artists, drawings, paintings, ceramics, sculptures and photographs from the western culture along with the non-western culture in places like Africa, Asia, Islamic places, Oceania, the Near East and the Americas. Culture, eras, media, styles and disciplines are the main focuses of this class as are visual literacy, plus oral and writing skills involving this course.


Professional CoursesEdit

Intro to BusinessEdit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12

This class is the major starting point for any student who wants a career in business. Topics include business ownership, marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, ethics, economics and management. Project-based learning is a major reinforcement of lessons taught in this course.


Semester-long Gr. 9-12, Prerequisite: Intro to Business, Marketing Technology, Visual Media or Interactive Media Highly Recommended

This business education course takes students through the practices of advertising through history via lecture and projects. Topics include planning, designing and presenting print ads,TV or radio commercials and other special ads. Moderate computer usage is required as is a materials fee.


Year-long Gr. 10-12, Prerequisite: Intro to Business, Advertising and/or Marketing Technology Recommended

This class deals with marketing principles and how they apply to business. Topics include modern marketing roles, pricing, marketing math, distribution methods, promotions, sale techniques and visual merchandising. The principles of marketing will be applied to Hospitality and Tourism, Fashion, Travel, Sports, Entertainment. This course requires a materials fee as well.


Semester-long Gr. 11-12 Prerequisite: Intro to Business Recommended

This course deals with the skills and concepts of managing a business. Topics introduced include leadership, organizational behavior,motivation, human resource management, social responsibility and communication. Every unit discussed in class will have a project based on the content students learn.

Introduction to EducationEdit

Semester-long Gr. 11-12

This particular class introduces students who enroll in it to the profession of teaching in a K-12 school setting. Fifteen clock hours of field observations are required for credit. Educational profession rewards, responsibilities, organizations and history are covered in this course.

Education IIEdit

Semester-long Gr. 11-12 Prerequisite: Introduction to Education

This course expands upon the topics discussed and applied in Introduction to Education. The coursework here includes policies, procedures, disciplinary and academic duties of teachers. Students also must get a minimum of 40 clock hours in their log time to pass the class

Business LawEdit

Semester-long Gr. 11-12

This class helps students learn about the laws of our nation involving business and personal life and how they help or hinder others. Concepts talked about include but are not limited to ethics, the court system, criminal and civil law, careers, law and the minor, law and the consumer, employment law, bankruptcy, traffic law, wills and contracts. Mock trials and field trips to the Supreme Court of US Courthouse are included in the coursework to make it practical in some cases.

Technology CoursesEdit

Visual MediaEdit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12

The students who are enrolled in this class learn technology skills that relate to visuals that are put in business computers and can be used personally. This class will deal with digital photography, typography, image manipulation and design principles with software such as InDesign, Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Photoshop. A reasonably priced materials fee is required. Those who want to take Marketing, Advertising or Web Design are strongly recommended for this class first.

Marketing TechnologyEdit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12

This class helps pupils who take it learn how to apply technology to Hospitality, Sports, Entertainment, Fashion and other fields of marketing. This project-based education class takes students through the use of software like Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and various online apps. Those interested in taking Advertising, Marketing or Management later in high school should consider and apply for this course. A materials fee is also required.

Emerging TechnologiesEdit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12

This tech course takes students through creation of electronic entertainment possessions such as video games, cartoons and apps. Basic tools and business creativity will be stressed and a materials fee will be needed.

Essential TechnologyEdit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12

This course helps students learn how to operate important tech apps for businesses such as design programs, integrated projects, the internet and Microsoft Office. Since this deals with extensive computer usage, a materials fee will be required.

Interactive Media Edit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12

This project-based lab course will help students learn to create multimedia presentations through audio, video, images, graphics and text. Students learn through digital and video cameras, digital editing software and presentation software. A materials fee is also required.

Web Design Edit

Semester-long Gr. 9-12 Prerequisite: Strong Recommendation of Previous Business Technology Experience

Students in this class practice creating websites through XHTML, Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash and more. Topics include visual appeal, site organization, functionality and more. A modest materials fee is also mandatory.

Financial Courses Edit

Accounting I Edit

Year-long Gr. 10-12

This course takes students through accounting concepts such as the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, GAAP. Accounting is known as the language of business that helps teach how to prepare management business records and organize businesses as proprietorship and corporations. This class is useful for business careers and requires a workbook and simulation fee.

Accounting II Edit

Year-long Gr. 11-12 Prerequisite: Accounting I

This class expands upon what is discussed in Accounting I and takes students through further detail on advanced accounting topics. Such topics include tax refunds and documentation, corporate and cost accounting and more. This class also demands a workbook and simulation fee.

Finance Edit

Semester-long Gr. 11-12

This course takes students through financial aspects such as financial institutions, the Federal Reserve System, markets, and US Stock and Commodities markets. Real-world projects help students have an appealing and informative learning experience

Business Math Edit

Semester-long Gr. 10-12 Prerequisite: Algebra II

This class deals with math skills needed for business applications. Topics include payroll, taxation, banking services and sales. This class is excellent for those who want to be accountants or bankers.

Study CoursesEdit

Note-taking and Study SkillsEdit

Semester-long Gr.9-12

This class helps students boost their study habits through time management, memory, test-taking skills and study skills such as doing homework ahead of time. Topics like this are important for studying all subjects.

Economics CoursesEdit

Consumer EconomicsEdit

Semester-long Gr. 12

This class helps students learn about how they can manage their money and expenses responsibly and is mandatory for graduation. Topics include the Federal Reserve System, expenses, banking, impulse buying, GDP and taxation.


Freshman CoursesEdit

Literature and Composition StudiesEdit

Year-long Gr. 9

This class is the first of the mandatory four-year English sequence. It deals with reading skill development through analysis of fiction, nonfiction, novel, drama, poetry, myth and short story. Descriptive, argumentative, expository and narrative writing are also covered along with basic research skills. Students also review grammar, usage and vocabulary skills, practice the writing process and effective writing strategies. Works include but are not limited to Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Romeo and Juliet, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Fahrenheit 451.

Sophomore CoursesEdit

American Literature and CompositionEdit

Year-long Gr. 10

In this Language Arts continuation, the content goes from Native American to Contemporary American literary works in thematic sequences. Students read newspapers, biographies, journals, essays, poetry, short fiction, drama and novels from American authors of various ethnic backgrounds. Argumentative, expository and narrative essays are also part of the curriculum as are speeches. Potential works include Red Badge of Courage, Great Gatsby, The Crucible and Old Man and the Sea.

Junior CoursesEdit

British Literature and Composition IEdit

Semester-long Gr. 11

This English course talks about early literary works of Great Britain in the form of novels, drama, poetry and short stories. Works include Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales and Macbeth. Essays and speeches are added to the curriculum as well.

British Literature and Composition IIEdit

Semester-long Gr.11

This class is a continuation of British Literature I in the form of poetry, drama, short fiction and novels. Themes come from the Victorian, Romantic, Modern and Postmodern times. Works include Great Expectations, Pride and Prejudice and The Jungle Book. Essays and speeches are also incorporated into the coursework just like in any other high school and above English class.

Contemporary Literature and CompositionEdit

Semester-long Gr. 11

This class deals with literary works from recent times such as Catcher in the Rye, Grapes of Wrath, Lord of the Flies and more. Essays and speeches also serve as content reinforcements of the lesson.

Dramatic Literature and CompositionEdit

Semester-long Gr. 11

This course handles plays from around the world beyond Shakespeare. Playwrights include William Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, Henrik Ibsen and more. Essays and speeches on the content build up writing and speaking skills like in every other English class. Works may include Death of a Salesman, The Wild Duck, and Shakespeare plays such as Julius Caesar, Hamlet and/or Othello.

Mythology and CompositionEdit

Semester-long Gr. 11

This class takes students not just through literary works, essays and speeches but also through understanding a variety of myths from around the world. Works may include content from Norse, Celtic, Greek, Roman and Non-Western Mythology. Such content could be, the Roman God Triton, the Egyptian God Anubis, The Greek Box of Pandora, the Chinese Goddess Guanyin and the Norse God Thor.

Cultural Studies and CompositionEdit

Semester-long Gr. 11

This English course deals with various cultures in literature through reading, writing, speaking and listening skill enhancement. Race, religion, ethnicity and culture are a part of the curriculum. Works include Of Beetles and Angels, Bless Me Ultima and Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Senior CoursesEdit

World Literature and Composition IEdit

Semester-long Gr. 12

This class takes students enrolled in it through literary English translations from all over the world. Essays and speeches are written and presented in this course. Novels, myths, short stories, plays and poetry all over the world are the main focus in this class. Be warned, works in this class contain mature content. Literary works may include Epic of Gilgamesh, Exodus Story of the Old Testament, Analects, Zen Parables, Pillow Book, Odyssey, and Divine Comedy

World Literature and Composition IIEdit

Semester-long Gr. 12

While the first World Literature class is not a prerequisite, it does continue on the study of international literary works in it. Literature in the class has mature content like every other high school English course. Works include Don Quixote, A Doll House, War and Peace and Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.

Film StudiesEdit

Semester-long Gr. 12

This class deals with classical films as literature. Film reviews, essays and speeches are part of the content worked on in this course. Such films could include Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland movies, Star Wars and Planet of the Apes.

Twentieth Century Literature and CompositionEdit

Semester-long Gr. 12

This course deals with literature from the twentieth century such as drama, poetry, short fiction and novels. Essays, speeches and quarterly projects are the major assignments in this class. Like in other high school English classes, the literature worked on contains mature content.

Philosophic Literature and CompositionEdit

Semester-long Gr. 12

In this class, students read literature with various philosophies extending their minds to broad categories. These categories include knowledge, truth, the difference between right and wrong, beauty, justice, fate and freedom. Arguments of all kinds, essays and other English concepts are expanded on in this course.

Poetry and CompositionEdit

Semester-long Gr. 12

This class deals with a student's ability to creatively write and read poetry. Classical, modern and contemporary poetry are the main focuses of this course as are analyzing and writing poems. Student written poems are responded to by other students and students can submit their writing for publication.

Communication and Composition Edit

Semester-long Gr. 12

Students in this class deal with communicating effectively in academic environments, personal relationships, daily activities and professional settings. Students also learn how to do job applications, debates, and more. Discussion beyond high school is also stressed.

Elective CoursesEdit

Public SpeakingEdit

Theater Arts IEdit

Theater Arts IIEdit

Creative Writing IEdit

Creative Writing IIEdit

African-American LiteratureEdit

Family and Consumer ScienceEdit

Culinary CoursesEdit

Intro to CookingEdit

Intro to BakingEdit

Global Foods LabEdit

Intro to Food ServiceEdit

Senior FoodsEdit

Fashion CoursesEdit

Clothing and Fashion IEdit

Clothing and Fashion IIEdit

Fashion Merchandising and MarketingEdit

Childcare CoursesEdit

Child Psychology, Growth and DevelopmentEdit

Preschool Teaching LabEdit


Independent Living CoursesEdit

Independent and Family LivingEdit

Housing and Design Courses Edit

Interior DesignEdit

Foreign LanguageEdit

Chinese CoursesEdit

Chinese IEdit

Chinese IIEdit

Chinese IIIEdit

Chinese IVEdit

French CoursesEdit

French IEdit

French IIEdit

French IIIEdit

French IVEdit

German CoursesEdit

German IEdit

German IIEdit

German IIIEdit

Spanish CoursesEdit

Spanish IEdit

Spanish IIEdit

Spanish IIIEdit

Spanish IVEdit

Industrial ArtsEdit

Basic Skills CoursesEdit

Industrial Arts Basics IEdit

Industrial Arts Basics IIEdit

Energy and Power Courses Edit



Woodworking and Construction CoursesEdit

Woodworking IEdit

Woodworking IIEdit

Woodworking IIIEdit

Introduction to Construction Trades Edit

Automotive CoursesEdit

Power MechanicsEdit

Automotive MaintenanceEdit

Automotive ServicingEdit

Automotive MechanicsEdit

Drafting CoursesEdit

Drafting and DesignEdit

Architectural DraftingEdit

Computer Aided DraftingEdit

Media CoursesEdit

Broadcasting, Journalism and Production IEdit

Broadcasting, Journalism and Production IIEdit

Broadcasting, Journalism and Production IIIEdit

Project Lead the Way Courses Edit

Introduction to Engineering Design Edit

Principles of Engineering Edit

Digital Electronics Edit

Civil Engineering and Architecture Edit

Engineering Design and Development Edit


Algebra IEdit


Algebra IIEdit

Algebra II/TrigonometryEdit


Choral CoursesEdit

Ariel SingersEdit

Bass ChoirEdit

Treble ChoirEdit

Varsity SingersEdit

Band CoursesEdit

Concert BandEdit

Symphonic BandEdit

Wind SymphonyEdit

Orchestra CoursesEdit

Concert OrchestraEdit

Symphonic OrchestraEdit

String SymphonyEdit

Theory CoursesEdit

Music TheoryEdit

Music HistoryEdit

Physical, Health and Driver's EducationEdit

Physical Education CoursesEdit

PE IEdit




Health CoursesEdit


Advanced HealthEdit

Driver's EducationEdit

Classroom PhaseEdit

Behind-the-Wheel PhaseEdit


General CoursesEdit


Introduction to Chemistry and Physics Edit


Physics Edit

Earth ScienceEdit

Specialized CoursesEdit

Environmental ScienceEdit

Botany and HorticultureEdit

Greenhouse Management and Floral DesignEdit

Cosmic AdventureEdit


Anatomy and PhysiologyEdit


Human Genetics and BiotechnologyEdit

Zoology Edit

Social StudiesEdit

Required CoursesEdit

Global GeographyEdit

Global HistoryEdit

US HistoryEdit

American StudiesEdit

American GovernmentEdit

Elective CoursesEdit

US GeographyEdit

Military HistoryEdit