Mandy Times 11

Heaven of Eleven

Lyrics Edit

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be up in heaven?

Have you ever heard of the angel choirs divine?

Well, they're both connected to the number eleven.

A wonderful and most loyal friend of mine.

The heaven of eleven is a wondrous place.

Multiplying by it's like doing so by one.

Eleven is my best friend in numbers.

I will enjoy it until my days are done.

Others might set their alarms for seven.

Say for school nights, work nights and church nights too.

But, I always want to wake up at eleven.

That way I can still sleep the whole night through.

The heaven of eleven is a wondrous place.

I always tear through it up to nine.

Oh how I will always love you eleven.

When it comes to hearts, you'll always be in mine.

I have fun when it comes to eleven.

Since its single digit products are the bomb!

They're a double combination of the numbers.

You will learn about them as I go along.

(Speaking): One times eleven is of course eleven.

Two times eleven equals twenty-two.

Three times eleven is thirty-three

Plus, four times eleven is forty-four.

Five times eleven equals fifty-five.

Sixty six is eleven by six.

Seventy-seven and eighty-eight are seven and eight.

And eleven times nine is ninety-nine.

From then on, you elevens will be harder.

Eleven times ten's product is one-ten.

Eleven and eleven are one twenty-one and twelve is one thirty-two.

But, now this song is almost at an end.

(Singing): The heaven of eleven is a wondrous place.

It's like one until you reach ten and up.

Oh how I love you number eleven.

If you were human, I would serve you a teacup.