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Inventors Galore

Over the years

Science had much in store

America has improved

With Inventors Galore

Years before

The Civil War

Eli Whitney made the Cotton Gin

Despite the act of slavery

It did the work of 100 men

This is the work of Inventors Galore

Things have been dark every night

Until Edison gave electric light

The incandescent lamp

Has so revamped

The way people are lit up at night

This is the work of Inventors Galore

In the days of Samuel Morse

Messages were delivered by horse

But then, the Morse Code Telegraph came

And horse messages went to shame

This is the work of Inventors Galore

Things came hard

When it came to sewing

But then Elias Howe came along

And introduced the sewing machine

This is the work of Inventors Galore

Back before electricity was used

To converse people walked from home to home

But then we got Alexander Graham Bell

Along with the first telephone

This is the work of Inventors Galore

Derived from working with bicycle wheels

The Wright Brothers failed but kept on trying

At the plains of Kittyhawk

Their airplanes fell down at first

But eventually

Their dream and plane ultimately had gone flying

Since then we went airborne once in a while

(Speaking): Hooray to Orville and Wilbur 

(Singing): This is the work of Inventors Galore 

Christopher Sholes gave us the typewriter

And Marconi delivered wireless radio

We got a lift with Elisha Otis's Passenger Elevator

Tesla and Westinghouse brought out AC electrical systems

The Bessemer Process made efficient foundries all the way

They help the country to this day

Otis, Edison, Howe, Wright Bros and more

Have always been part of Inventors Galore