Westward Expansions

Manifest Excellency

Lyrics Edit

If you need company

Like a partner or a friend

The manifest excellency

Will give you time to spend

But if you get too crowded

Your feelings will face gloom

Unless you give each other

Adequate elbow room

People became crowded

Early in America

Despite all the settlers

It was always East or Bust

But when the president

Was Thomas Jefferson

He went to a French General

Known as Napoleon

In the year 1803

We got the Louisiana Territory

Since that very day

The crowd slowly spread away

Then in the 1810s

Lewis and Clark set off

With the help of Sacajwea

They went from loft to loft

All their very motions

Ended at the Pacific Ocean

What happened as the years passed

This question many people ask

West territory came to the US

And what it took the settlers could care less

(Speaking): Such events that made this possible were the Manifest Destiny, the Invention of the Railroad, the Gold Rush and other events.  Thank you and goodbye for now.

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