Donogann Times 9

Nifty Nines

Lyrics Edit

You know what is a pain in my side?

Well, you underestimate nifty nines.

Numbers of nine are valuable.

They all have truths that are untold.

These nifty nines are really cool.

So, why is your treatment of them so cruel?

Whatever the reason, you will pay!

Hear me and what I have to say.

(Speaking): The first thing you have to know about nines is that the number nine is triple three. Also, the easiest way to get their multiples is to subtract the product of ten and the additional multiplier by that same multiplier. For example, nine times eight is the same as ten times eight minus eight. Eighty minus eight is the same as nine times eight which in turn is seventy-two. It may even help to learn this and the rest of the nine times table by heart.

(Singing): I am feeling mighty fine knowing that nine times one is unmistakably nine.

I wonder what horizons can possibly be seen without knowing well that nine times two is equal to eighteen.

If you send me up to heaven, remember nine times three is merely twenty-seven.

I always have in store for you a multitude of tricks to show you how nine times four is equivalent to thirty-six.

Nine times five is forty-five and that will be true throughout all lives.

What in the world will any of us have in store to find out nine times six is fifty-four.

Do you see the things that I see.

Nine times seven is sixty-three.

What in the world are you going to do to remember nine times eight equals seventy-two.

Let's get out of our house and go have some fun because nine times nine is eighty-one.

There is so much for you to go out and see since nine times ten is exactly ninety.

Now, you are aware of the beauty of nifty nines.

So, I will let you off with a warning this time.

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