West African Slavery

No More Slavery

Lyrics Edit

(Speaking): Give us freedom!  No More Slavery!

(Singing): Since the 1600s

Maybe earlier


Were forced by whites to serve

It started out with Europe

Taking Africans from home

Then in the 19th century

It turned bad to the bone

(Speaking): In the early nineteenth century, an escaped slave known as Fredrick Douglass wrote a story about his life as a slave.  This incurred abolition movements out of many people including former slave, Harriet Tubman and others.

(Singing): In the year of 1850

Things got more dangerous

The Fugitive Slave Act

Caused that with little fuss

The confederate states soon had trouble

With Union states and more

In 1861

Lincoln began the Civil War

It lasted from 1861 to 1865

At the hand of south John Wilkes Booth

Lincoln soon after died

Nowadays for many people

Blacks are treated fair

But to this very day

There are still whites who do not care