High School

East Baltimore High School is the final step to juvenile education for Darienee and her friends.

Graduation RequirementsEdit

4 Years English

3 Years Math

3 Years Science

2.5 Years Social Studies

3.5 Years PE

.5 Years Health

.5 Years Driver's Education

.5 Years Consumer Economics

1 Year Career/Special Interest Classes

18.5 Subtotal Requirements

5.5 Years Additional Electives

24 Total Requirements

Art Edit

Basic Art Courses Edit

Basic Studio Art Edit

Semester-Long Grades 9-12

This introductory art class is the basic starting point for freshmen interested in a career in art after high school.  Topics of media include 2D and 3D works of art.  A lab fee will be mandatory.

Introduction to 2D Art Edit

Semester-Long Grades 9-12 Prerequisite: Basic Studio Art

This course serves as the starting point for second semester freshmen who want to continue what they've learned in the 2D part of Basic Studio art and extend such ideas in more detail. Topics include drawing, painting and printmaking. Lab Fees are required for such courses.

Introduction to 3D Art Edit

Semester-Long Grades 9-12 Prerequisite: Basic Studio Art

This class continues the basics of 3D art from Basic Studio Art through wood, wire, plaster, metal and clay. A lab fee is required to partake the class.

2D Art CoursesEdit

Drawing 1 Edit

Drawing 2Edit

Painting 1 Edit

Painting 2Edit

Printmaking Edit

Advanced Drawing/Painting Edit

3D Art Courses Edit

Ceramics 1 Edit

Ceramics 2 Edit

Sculpture Edit

Jewelry Edit

Advanced Ceramics/Sculpture Edit

Digital Art CoursesEdit

Computer Graphics 1 Edit

Computer Graphics 2 Edit

3D Printing and Design Edit

Digital Photography 1 Edit

Digital Photography 2 Edit

Animation Edit

Art Theory and History Courses Edit

Art History Edit

Visual Art Theory Edit

Business Edit

Professional Courses Edit

Intro to Business Edit

Advertising Edit

Business Law Edit

Marketing Edit

Management Edit

Education 1 Edit

Education 2 Edit

Technology Courses Edit

Essential Technology Edit

Marketing Technology Edit

Visual Media Edit

Emerging Technology Edit

Interactive Media Edit

Web Design Edit

Coding Edit

Financial Courses Edit

Business Math Edit

Accounting 1Edit

Accounting 2 Edit

Finance Edit

College/Career Courses Edit

Note-Taking and Study Skills Edit

College Test Prep Edit

Consumer Economics Edit

English Edit

Freshman Courses Edit

Literature and Composition Studies Edit

Sophomore Courses Edit

American Literature and Composition Edit

American Society Edit

Junior Courses Edit

British Literature and Composition 1 Edit

British Literature and Composition 2 Edit

Contemporary Literature and Compostiion Edit

Dramatic Literature and Composition Edit

Mythology Edit

Cultural Studies Edit

Senior Courses Edit

World Literature and Composition 1 Edit

World Literature and Compostion 2 Edit

Film Studies Edit

20th Century Literature and Composition Edit

Philosophical Literature and Composition Edit

Poetry and Composition Edit

Communication and Composition Edit

Elective Courses Edit

Public SpeakingEdit

African-American Literature Edit

Creative Writing 1 Edit

Creative Writing 2 Edit

Theater Arts 1 Edit

Theater Arts 2 Edit

College Reading Prep Edit

Family and Consumer Science Edit

Culinary Courses Edit

Cooking 1 Edit

Cooking 2 Edit

World Cooking Edit

Food Service Edit

Senior Foods Edit

Fashion Courses Edit

Clothing 1 Edit

Clothing 2 Edit

Fashion Merchandising Edit

Fashion History Edit

Childcare Courses Edit

Child Development Edit

Preschool Lab Edit

Parenting Edit

Housing and Design Courses Edit

Interior Design Edit

Independent Living Courses Edit

Independent and Family Living Edit

Foreign Language Edit

Chinese Courses Edit

Chinese 1 Edit

Chinese 2 Edit

Chinese 3 Edit

Chinese 4 Edit

French CoursesEdit

French 1 Edit

French 2 Edit

French 3 Edit

French 4 Edit

German Courses Edit

German 1 Edit

German 2 Edit

German 3 Edit

German 4 Edit

Spanish Courses Edit

Spanish 1 Edit

Spanish 2 Edit

Spanish 3 Edit

Spanish 4 Edit

Industrial ArtsEdit

Basics Courses Edit

Industrial Basics 1Edit

Industrial Basics 2 Edit

Manufacturing and Construction Courses Edit

Woodworking 1 Edit

Woodworking 2 Edit

Woodworking 3 Edit

Construction Trades Edit

Energy Courses Edit

Electricity Edit

Electronics Edit

Automotive Courses Edit

Power Mechanics Edit

Automotive Maintenance Edit

Automotive Mechanics Edit

Automotive Servicing Edit

Drafting Courses Edit

Drafting and Design Edit

Architectural Drafting Edit

Computer-Aided Drafting Edit

Communication Courses Edit

Video Arts and Production 1 Edit

Video Arts and Production 2 Edit

Video Arts and Production 3 Edit

Project Lead the Way Courses Edit

Intro to Engineering Edit

Principles of Engineering Edit

Digital Electronics Edit

Civil Engineering and Architecture Edit

Engineering Design and Development Edit

Mathematics Edit

Basic Courses Edit

Algebra 1 Edit

Geometry Edit

Advanced Courses Edit

Algebra 2/Trigonometry and Statistics Edit

Precalculus Edit

Calculus Edit

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Choral Courses Edit

Ariel Singers Edit

Bass Chorus Edit

Treble Choir Edit


Varsity Singers Edit

Band Courses Edit

Concert Band Edit

Concert Winds Edit

Symphonic Band Edit

Symphonic Winds Edit

Wind Symphony Edit

Wind Ensemble Edit

Varsity Band Edit

Orchestra Courses Edit

Concert Orchestra Edit

Concert Strings Edit

Symphonic Orchestra Edit

Symphonic Strings Edit

String Symphony Edit

String Ensemble Edit

Varsity Orchestra Edit

Theory and History Courses Edit

Music Theory Edit

Western Music HistoryEdit

American Music HistoryEdit

World Music HistoryEdit

Physical, Health and Driver Education Edit

PE Courses Edit

PE 1 Edit

PE 2 Edit

PE 3 Edit

PE 4 Edit

Health Courses Edit

Health Edit

Advanced Health Edit

Driver's Education Edit

Classroom Phase Edit

Behind the Wheel Phase Edit


General Courses Edit

Biology Edit

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Earth Science Edit

Specialized Courses  Edit

Botany and Horticulture Edit

Greenhouse Management and Floral Design Edit

Astronomy Edit

Cosmic Voyage Edit

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Genetics and Biotechnology Edit

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Social StudiesEdit

Required Courses Edit

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World HistoryEdit

American History Edit

American Government Edit

Elective Courses Edit

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African-American HistoryEdit