Susan Geilston

Susan is one of Darienee's newer friends.

Freshman YearEdit

Year-long CoursesEdit

French IEdit

This class is the introductory high school French course and deals with basic French vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking skills as well as French speaking or francophone.


This science class deals with the life aspects of science.  Topics include the five kingdoms, cells, cell division, genetics, human anatomy and physiology, ecology and evolution.

Algebra IEdit

This course teaches students the fundamentals of basic and intermediate algebra.  Topics include solving and graphing linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, radicals, exponents and roots, polynomials, exponential growth and decay, rational expressions and solving systems of equations.  A graphing calculator is required.

Ariel SingersEdit

This freshman female choral class teaches students vocal music performance skills, music notation and how to sing in an ensemble.  Concert performance and review are both required as this is a musical performance class.

Global GeographyEdit

This course deals with the geographical features of the world.  Topics include genocide, human rights, terrorism, climate, disease and more.

PE IEdit

This class teaches high school freshmen how to stay fit through CPR & AED, Personal Fitness, Sports, Adventure Education and Rock Climbing.

Literature and Composition StudiesEdit

This class teaches students how to analyze adult literary works such as myths, poems, novels, plays and short fiction.  Writing, grammar, spelling, usage, basic research and speaking are also stressed in this particular class.

Sophomore YearEdit

Year-long CoursesEdit


This math class deals with proofs involving the measure and congruence of angles, lines, planes and solids.  Topics include the real number system, geometric inequalities and equations, lines, angles, triangles, right triangle trigonometric ratios, quadrilaterals, polygons, solids, area, perimeter, distance, surface area, volume and circles.  A protactor, graphing calculator and compass are crucial.

Treble ChoirEdit

This class not only builds upon what is learned in Ariel Singers, but also occasionally combines in rehearsal with Bass Choir to review and rehearse SATB musical literature and songs.  As always, concert performance and review are required.  In addition, this class can be taken three years in a row for credit.

Botany and HorticultureEdit

This class deals with the botanical aspects of science as well as the basics of gardening.  Topics include parts of plants, basic gardening, greenhouse work, botanical processes and plant identification.

American Literature and CompositionEdit

This class helps students learn how to analyze American adult literary works from Native American times onward.  Speaking and writing skills are also stressed in this class and works may include Great Gatsby and The Crucible.

French IIEdit

This class expands upon the topics learned in French I including francophone, vocabulary and more.

Semester-long CoursesEdit

Driver's EducationEdit

Classroom PhaseEdit

This part of Driver's Ed is required as it lectures students about the rules of the road and auto insurance.

Behind-the-Wheel PhaseEdit

This portion of Driver's Ed is optional and only for serious students who are willing to take the risk of learning how to drive a real car.


This class is semester long and deals with fitness through Fitness Consumerism, Social Dance and Swimming.


This class teaches students how to make healthy decisions outside of high school.  Topics include Birth, Death, Suicide Prevention, Drug Abuse, Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases and more.

Notetaking and Study SkillsEdit

This class teaches students responsible study habits like time management, listening, test taking skills and more.  A workbook fee will be required.

Junior YearEdit

Year-long CoursesEdit

US HistoryEdit

This class helps students learn about the history of America from Native American times to the 9/11 attacks.  Topics include the American Revolution, the Civil War, both World Wars, the Great Depression and the Watergate Conspiracy.

Greenhouse Management and Floral DesignEdit

This class builds upon the topics learned in Botany and Horticulture and has more advanced topics from that class.

Algebra IIEdit

This math class expands upon what was learned in Algebra I and introduces more advanced topics like Logarithms, Complex Numbers, Conic Sections and Synthetic Polynomial Division. A graphing calculator must be brought to all class sessions!

French IIIEdit

This class goes over more advanced French vocabulary as well as putting more emphasis into francophone.


This class helps students stay fit in a fashion that gives students 8 options to take to complete their junior PE requirement such as Basketball, Swimming, CPR, Lifeguard Duty and Soccer.

Semester-long CoursesEdit

British Literature and Composition IEdit

This class takes students through literary works from Ancient Great Britian to the British Baroque Period.

Cultural Studies and CompositionEdit

This class talks about literary works from all kinds of cultures.  Main themes include gender, religion, race and nationality.

Senior YearEdit

Year-long CoursesEdit


This class deals with a more advanced version of PE III.  Topics included are the same as the previous PE class.

French IVEdit

This class teaches the most advanced French vocabulary, spelling, writing, speaking, reading and francophone skills.

Earth ScienceEdit

This class teaches about geology and meteorology basics. Such topics include

Semester-long CoursesEdit

Philosophic Literature and CompositionEdit

This class teaches students how to analyze literature that deals with the world's international philosophies and ethics.  Reading, listening, speaking and writing are also stressed in this class as it is an English class.

Poetry and CompositionEdit

This class encourages students to be creative in the art of poetry through poetry analysis and publication.

American GovernmentEdit

This course teaches students the basic politics of the US.  These topics include voting, the constitution, the three government branches, crime and punishment, goverment careers and homeland security.

Consumer EconomicsEdit

This class takes students through responsible money management skills which they will most likely need to apply after high school.  Topics involving this will include housing, banking, the federal reserve system, jobs, taxation, billing, purchases and credit.

Military HistoryEdit

This class talks about the great historical battles from around the world as well as great military leaders.  Topics include Freedom Fights in the Roman Empire, the American Revolution, the Spanish Inquisition, the Al Queda 9/11 Attacks and more.

Senior FoodsEdit

This class is exclusively for seniors who have no previous high school culinary experience.  Topics will be the same as are taught to freshmen through juniors who take Intro to Cooking but in a more mature fashion.  A lab fee will be charged the start of class.