American Revolution

The Independence Fight


(Speaking): The British are coming, repeat, the British are coming!

(Singing): In the year of 1775

Paul Revere made the scene with his famous ride

It alerted the colonies

To the coming British attacks

That year the British attacked in plain sight

This incurred the Independence Fight

The die was cast and

There rebel flag came to light

Not long later in Concord

The British went for weaponry high and low

Things got very violent every day

Good thing our militia was on it

They blocked the Old North Bridge to go and stop it

Chasing them back to Boston and away

The Independence Fight

Lasted day and night

This was known as the American Revolution

Under the lead of Washington

They never stopped until the job got done

The American Army tried a liberty evolution

During the Battle of Bunker Hill

We may have lost

But there was such a thrill

Our Patriot Colonel Prescott

Was quite wise

Outnumbered and running out of steam

As the British approached the scene

Prescott ordered not to fire

Til they saw their eyes

While the next few years were difficult

Our army proved to be a strong cult

We would never go down without a fight

One night on the Delaware River

The Hessians were taken with quite a shiver

We kept fighting even in the dark of night

The Independence Fight

Lasted day and night

This was known as the American Revolution

Even though things could burst

Everything could have been so much worse

If they listened we could have a better solution

Over time our strength and courage

Gave our country a big surge of help

From countries overseas like Spain and France

They lent their arsenals to our troops

And sent the British in a loop

And weakened them enough so our regiment could dance

They may have lost men along the way

But in the end they were okay

This was proven true in 1781

At Yorktown, the British had no way out

Washington and the French blocked off their route

Corn Wallis surrendered and our liberty was won 

The Independence Fight

Ended with our rights

The Patriotic Army won our day

And the leadership of Washington

Defeated the British enemy

Bringing freedom to may of us in the USA

God bless America, let freedom ring.

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