19th Amendment

The March of the Female Voters

Lyrics Edit

In America's beginning 

Women were forbidden

From voting for president

But women from today

Will really have their way

To vote for their leaders as a resident

The March of the Female Voters

Hasn't been for nothing

In 1920 that was proven true

Anyone who thinks that only men should vote today

Will be so sad and blue

Despite the fact that women are US citizens

They didn't have many civil rights at first

However, through their hard work

Men's views of them reversed

And the 19th Amendment

Puts the rights​ of women first

The March of the Female Voters

Pushes the governmental motor

Towards the lives of our country, state, county, town and school

In the early American days

Women and girls were raised

Without the ability to vote

Betsy Ross, the woman who sewed the American Flag

Was in the same boat

But many suffragists such as Susan B. Anthony

Kept going all the way for their rights

And at long last

A law was passed

After the drawn out fight

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