Louis Times 6

The Six-Legged March

Lyrics Edit

(Speaking): Okay, all you six-legged soldiers! Get ready for battle!

Sir yes sir!

Are you ready for our battle song?

Sir yes sir!

Good, now move out!

(Singing): It's time to do the six-legged march.

Hoorah, hoorah.

We count our legs by sixes now.

Hoorah, hoorah.

When we go marching six-by-six, you need to follow the pickup sticks.

As you follow us, we'll go on the six-legged march.

(Speaking): Now remember, six is merely double three or triple two. This means that six is three times two. Now, here's our six times table announcement.

(Singing): Six times one is six of course.

Hoorah, hoorah.

And also, six times two is twelve.

Hoorah, hoorah.

As well, six times three equals eighteen.

Plus, six times four is twenty-four.

Six times five is thirty.

This is the six-legged march.

(Speaking): Remember kids, hexagons have six sides and insects such as us ants have six legs. Now, it;s time to continue the six times table. Forward march!

(Singing): Six times six is thirty-six.

Hoorah, hoorah.

Six times seven is forty-two.

Hoorah, hoorah.

Six times eight is forty eight.

And six times nine is fifty-four.

Six times ten is sixty.

This was the six-legged march.

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