Lionel Times 2

The Two's Company

Lyrics Edit

When a man went to dinner, he was really lonesome too.

But a woman had appeared to him.  Did that occur to you?

The woman asked him out and of course he told her yes.

So, how many couples have appeared can you take a guess?

In the two's company, two times two is four.

For the two's company, two times three is six.

See the two's company? Two times four is eight.

Meet the two's company.  Two times five is ten.

Two times one is two as everybody knows.

In fact, products of two always become even numbers, it shows.

For the two's comapny, two times six is twelve.

As the two's company is seen, two times seven is fourteen.

Find the two's company.  Two times eight is sixteen.

For the two's company, two times nine is eighteen.

Two times ten is twenty.

Two times eleven is twenty-two.

Two times twelve is twenty-four.

Double thirteen's twenty-six.

Twice fourteen is twenty-eight.

Double fifteen is thirty as it goes.

Double sixteen is thirty-two, the two's company.

Twice seventeen is thirty-four, the two's company.

Two times eighteen's thirty-six, the two's company.

Double nineteen is thirty-eight, the two's company.

Twice twenty is forty as a lot of people know.

In fact, numbers multiplied by two always double as it shows.

Double twenty-one is forty-two, the two's company.

Double twenty-two is forty-four, the two's company.

Double twenty-three is forty-six, the two's company.

Double twenty-four is forty-eight, the two's company.

(Speaking): Now, say we multiply two by a hundred eighty-nine. A simple way to do this is to separate the digits, multiply them by two and add all the products. Two a hundred is two hundred. Twice eighty is a hundred sixty and double nine is eighteen. Two hundred, plus one hundred sixty plus eighteen equals three hundred seventy-eight. In short, two times one hundred eighty-nine is three hundred seventy-eight.

(Singing): See the two's company? Two times two is four.

In the two's company, two times three is six.

Meet the two's company. Two times four is eight.

Here's the two's company. Two times five is ten.

So to wrap this up, remember this tune.

And look for an even number when you multiply by two.

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