The Xorda Leaders, Periwinkle Zinc (Left), Gray Aluminum (Center Left), Dark Brass (Center), Black Lead (Center Right), Red Copper (Right)


Season 1Edit

  1. The Fiery Warning
  2. The Rise of the Mondo Volcano
  3. Battle on a Watery Planet
  4. Dr. Bulb lies to Mandy
  5. The Fake Pulsar Magnetite Crystal in the Ice Palace
  6. Welcome to the Jungle Lionel
  7. The Richardson Galactic Delivery Service
  8. The Return of Blackfire
  9. Flannery confronts her most Vile Enemy
  10. The Underground Romance
  11. Blub's Team Work Ruse
  12. Revenge of Dark Brass
  13. A Visit from the Richardsons

Season 2Edit

  1. Brains vs. Brawn in the Cloister
  2. The Xorda Trap with Hostages
  3. Hannah and the Dream
  4. Jacqueline against the Xorda
  5. A Recreational Exploration of Planet Crystalline
  6. Terror on the Volcano
  7. The Richardsons to the Rescue
  8. The Fall of Black Lead
  9. Intruder on the Mondo Volcano
  10. The Richardsons' Final Relaxation Place
  11. The Xorda Origin
  12. The Final Xorda Assault Begins
  13. The Three Team Fight Back
  14. The Final Shot against the Xorda
  15. Victory Celebration back on Earth

Main CastEdit

Main ProtagonistsEdit

Darienee Richardson as HerselfEdit

Sophia Edwardson as HerselfEdit

Gallery of CoversEdit

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