Cecily Times 3

Three Makes Triple Trouble

Lyrics Edit

Threee makes triple trouble.  No doubt about that.

Three makes triple trouble.  So you'd better watch your back!

The three types of microbes that can make you sick are bacteria, fungi and viruses.

But, three also helps with tricycles and triangles.

America's government has three branches.

Plants have three principal parts, roots, stems and leaves.

That is good to see.

Sometimes though, the number three makes triple trouble.

When a man and a woman become parents to one child, there are three people in their family.

In addition, three children of the same parentage and age are called triplets.

Depending on the situation, you can be sure that three can make triple trouble.

(Speaking): Now, time to see how three is multiplied.

(Singing): Three times one is three as an obvious answer.

Triple two is six and that is no cancer.

Three times three is nine and that is just fine.

Three times four is twelve. Now get off the shelves!

Three times five is fifteen. You can tell with no machine.

Three times six is eighteen like the Great Mouse Detective Scenes.

Three times seven's twenty-one. Keep up the triple fun.

Do you have much more in store? Three times eight is twenty-four.

You can go tell your brother Kevin three times nine is twenty-seven.

Why make multiplication dirty when three times ten is indeed thirty?

Is it quite that hard to see that three times eleven's thirty-three.

If you have a hard time with sticks, let three times twelve be thirty-six.

There is more to go in triples.

But now, my count has gone to dribbles.

So, I have to go on the double.

Remember though, three makes triple trouble.